Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Lightning and a Vow - chapter 1

                “Mommy, mommy, I’m scared,” said the wee little bunny to his mother.
                “Don’t be scared love. You will have to go through this everyday for the rest of your life. Look at your grandpa there,” the mother rabbit pointed her nose to the brown old rabbit who was standing with his hind legs like a warrior facing a crowd of audience outside the iron cage. One of the crowds, a young girl was tapping the cage enthusiastically while the others were busily taking pictures of the rabbits.
“He is very brave,” add the mother rabbit to her kit. Then, she licked her kit’s nose as a sign of love that is incomparable.
“But mommy, I’m still scared. The lightning hurts my eyes,” cried the wee little bunny. True to what he said, two pools of tears were brimming inside his eyes waiting to fall down. He was shielding his eyes from the bright flashing lights coming from cameras with his two fluffy paws.
“Hush love. There nothing to be afraid of. Besides that’s not a lightning. That’s a light coming from the cameras,” explained the mother rabbit.
“What’s a camera mommy?”
“It is a magical box that human used to flash light to the animals. This box seems to be so fascinating to them that they even flash it to themselves too.”
The mother was standing with her back facing the crowd so that she could shield the wee little bunny from the flash lights. Suddenly, with no warning, a loud thumping sound came from outside the cage just behind the mother rabbit. The mother rabbit was greatly shocked and quickly looked behind her to see what was going on. Then, a burst of flash lights coming from the crowds’ camera was instantly directed at her causing her to be blinded momentarily by it and she jumped backward on top of her kit. The wee little bunny yelps in pain. He looked at his right leg that was trampled by his own mother. He feels like the bone snap into two but it might just be his imagination.
When the wee little bunny looked back at his mother, he saw his mother lying lifeless in a pool of blood that was gushing out from a great wound on her stomach. A branch the size of human arm that was placed inside the cage as a decoration was now piercing into the mother rabbit. Her eyes rolled back behind the sockets. This cause a sudden uproar from the crowd outside. More flash lights were directed at the mother rabbit making the cage entirely bright with no shadows in sight.
The wee little bunny stood petrified in front of what was before his mother.  His eyes were widely open and his mouth was gaping probably trying to inhale as much air as possible inside his little lungs.
“No more. Mommy is no more. Mommy,” the sentences barely escaped his lips. Slowly his heart was filled with an intense hatred to the human with the camera. He looked back at them one by one. All of the humans face with their mouth agape looking at the bloody scene like it was some kind of show. Unashamedly snapping pictures at his lifeless mother, striking fear at the family rabbit with its gushes of lights. Some of them even had smiles on their faces thinking what a stupid rabbit his mother was stabbed herself and causing her own death.
“I hate..I hate you all. One day, all of you heartless humans will pay for this!” vowed the rabbit.

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