Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Lightning and a Vow - chapter 1

                “Mommy, mommy, I’m scared,” said the wee little bunny to his mother.
                “Don’t be scared love. You will have to go through this everyday for the rest of your life. Look at your grandpa there,” the mother rabbit pointed her nose to the brown old rabbit who was standing with his hind legs like a warrior facing a crowd of audience outside the iron cage. One of the crowds, a young girl was tapping the cage enthusiastically while the others were busily taking pictures of the rabbits.
“He is very brave,” add the mother rabbit to her kit. Then, she licked her kit’s nose as a sign of love that is incomparable.
“But mommy, I’m still scared. The lightning hurts my eyes,” cried the wee little bunny. True to what he said, two pools of tears were brimming inside his eyes waiting to fall down. He was shielding his eyes from the bright flashing lights coming from cameras with his two fluffy paws.
“Hush love. There nothing to be afraid of. Besides that’s not a lightning. That’s a light coming from the cameras,” explained the mother rabbit.
“What’s a camera mommy?”
“It is a magical box that human used to flash light to the animals. This box seems to be so fascinating to them that they even flash it to themselves too.”
The mother was standing with her back facing the crowd so that she could shield the wee little bunny from the flash lights. Suddenly, with no warning, a loud thumping sound came from outside the cage just behind the mother rabbit. The mother rabbit was greatly shocked and quickly looked behind her to see what was going on. Then, a burst of flash lights coming from the crowds’ camera was instantly directed at her causing her to be blinded momentarily by it and she jumped backward on top of her kit. The wee little bunny yelps in pain. He looked at his right leg that was trampled by his own mother. He feels like the bone snap into two but it might just be his imagination.
When the wee little bunny looked back at his mother, he saw his mother lying lifeless in a pool of blood that was gushing out from a great wound on her stomach. A branch the size of human arm that was placed inside the cage as a decoration was now piercing into the mother rabbit. Her eyes rolled back behind the sockets. This cause a sudden uproar from the crowd outside. More flash lights were directed at the mother rabbit making the cage entirely bright with no shadows in sight.
The wee little bunny stood petrified in front of what was before his mother.  His eyes were widely open and his mouth was gaping probably trying to inhale as much air as possible inside his little lungs.
“No more. Mommy is no more. Mommy,” the sentences barely escaped his lips. Slowly his heart was filled with an intense hatred to the human with the camera. He looked back at them one by one. All of the humans face with their mouth agape looking at the bloody scene like it was some kind of show. Unashamedly snapping pictures at his lifeless mother, striking fear at the family rabbit with its gushes of lights. Some of them even had smiles on their faces thinking what a stupid rabbit his mother was stabbed herself and causing her own death.
“I hate..I hate you all. One day, all of you heartless humans will pay for this!” vowed the rabbit.

I'm a Hot Girl

“Happy Valentine!” James sweetly said to me while he gave me a box of chocolate and a life-size bear. Wow! A gift as huge as that sure means that he was serious about me. I always expect something like that would happen to me. It is only a matter of time before it happens and when it hit me right in the eye, I was speechless! Nevertheless, that 14th February has left a big impact in my life.
            I am a 24 year old marketing manager in Toshiba Company. I am friendly, beautiful and have lots of friends; not to mention ex-boyfriends. Everyone likes me and base on that, it built my confidence level to the highest degrees. Thus, it is not so much of a surprised when James; my new neighbour who just moved in into my neighbourhood three month ago also fell in love with me. We always greet each other good morning but that’s all. I am forever busy with my works and because of that, we hardly got a chance to know each other. The longest conversation that James and I have exchanged with each other is when he asked me, “Going to work?” and I answered back with, “Yup.”
            I always like Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t wait to be showered with gifts by my secret admires and male friends. I accepted all of their gifts except the one that comes from my ex. He always brings me flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. To me we were so over and nothing he could do to bring back the feelings that I once had towards him.
            I looked at the gigantic teddy bear again and said to myself, “James must love me like crazy!” I decided that I would accept him. Judging by the looks of his gift, I could summarize that James was a truthful, sincere and charming gentleman. I made up my mind to tell him of my decision.
            Cold breeze blew over my long hair sending it scattering over my face. I brushed it back over my shoulder and looked up to the sky. It was dark and gloomy. It might rain soon. I had asked James to meet me at the park in our neighbourhood earlier. I wanted to give James a chance to confess to me of his love by himself. A few minutes later, James came back with the drinks that I had politely asked him to buy. I took the hot coffee which he handed to me with grateful thanks. My fingers have started to freeze while waiting for him to confess.
            We had been out together since this morning and he still didn’t confess yet. He kept looking at me like I am going to swallow him anytime soon. I wondered what he was afraid of actually. If he was not sure of his feeling, then why God, why did he gave me that box of chocolate and monstrous bear?
            “I think it’s going to rain soon. It’s better if we make our way back home now,” James uttered quite nervously to me. I was very annoyed with his lack of courage but I smiled sweetly to him and agreed. Who wants to be frozen to death while waiting for a man to admit that he loves you? I don’t.
            We already reached our houses and yet, James still didn’t come out with his confession yet. I started to lose my patience already so I blurted out with, “Aren’t you going to confess your feelings towards me already?” and he just gave me a blank stare.
            “Just say it. I am tired of waiting for you to come out with it. Just three words and eight letters! Say it and it’s all going to be all right!” I prodded him to continue.
            “Say what?” I really didn’t understand why he was playing dumb with me.
            “Say that you love me!” I screamed my lungs out at him. James just stared at me with his mouth open. His face is full of confuse.
            “Since when did I love you?”
            “If not then why did you give me the chocolate and teddy bear?” and he laughed.
           It turned out to be that that gift came from my wretched ex-boyfriend, Rooney. He felt bad if he didn’t give me a gift on Valentine’s Day and he knew that I would throw it if I knew that it came from him. So, he asked James to deliver it to me without mentioning his name. James on the other hand was scared that I already found out about their little bargain. No wonder he looked at me like I was going to swallow him alive! That is the problem with me. I am so over-confident that I tend to interpret things more than it actually is. I so sorely want to change this bad personality of mine. I don’t want to be subjected to that kind of embarrassment ever again.